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Coronavirus update


This page was updated on 23-03-2020


Following the Prime Ministers press conference on Monday 23rd March 2020, physical distancing has been mandated with the instruction to stay at for other than for the most essential, limited reasons.  Other than food shops and essential services, all shops and premises have been ordered to close this includes the suspension of all gatherings and ceremonies other than funerals and the closure of all leisure facilities including libraries.

This means all Vine groups, services, social activities and gatherings and most community outreach activities are being suspended until further notice.  

Information on streamed service and virtual mid week meetings has been circulated.  If you wish to find out more please see the coronavirus information on the home page and contact us.

We are one church, we are a family.  We are all positioned to provide support, connection, reassurance and prayer for each other. 

If you are unwell in any way, please do let us know so we can pray for you. We may not always be able to visit in person at this time, but we will be in touch by phone to chat, pray and help you trust and draw on God.

What does this mean in practice

 These things will not run until further notice:

  • Physical Sunday Services
  • TST
  • Souled Out
  • Coffee Connect
  • Alpha
  • Physical home groups
  • Physical Monthly Prayer Nights
  • Assist Dementia groups.
  • Home (connect) groups.
  • Third Thursday Book Club
  • Library Service

These things will continue to run:

  • Assist One-to-one Support

Our absolute priority remains to be the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone within the Vine and those we serve.

Assist one-to-one support.

The service will continue to operate but will primarily operate through non-contact or extremely limited contact operating procedures with Volunteers being encouraged to telephone clients.  Volunteers will not enter clients homes as standard practice.
We continue to closely monitoring the official government guidance as well as current best practice and will alter our approach further as this changes.


Current Action being taken by by The Vine

We will…

  • Send instructions to all staff members and volunteers on good personal hygiene practices
  • Instruct all home visitors to check the person they are visiting is not self isolating before visiting and not to enter the property
  • Ask everyone who exhibits any cold or flu like symptoms or Coronavirus specific symptoms to follow the current advice.
  • Regularly update our decision on services, meetings and operational activities as guidance is received.
  • Regularly update our advice to you, the latest of which will always be available at 


Taking care of ourselves

We  encourage you to use the official government website(s) as the official source of advice and information.

Further help on self isolation can be found here:

Again we would also request that you inform us of this so that we can support you both in prayer and if necessary in other ways this is of course at your discretion if you wish to inform us or not.

We will continue to update our approach as the situation changes via our website :

The Vine's wider response

We will continue to pray for every individual affected in any way by this virus and are thankful for the Church who is able to rise up in these situations to bring hope, peace and care in times of fear. We are called to love our neighbours including the least in our society and we will look how we can do this in a sensible and practical way.  

The Church is in some ways uniquely positioned to be of service at this time.

We have met today with leaders of the Other churches in the village, the Parish Council and key individuals who are instrumental in community actives within the villages to structure a support mechanism during this time.  Elements of this will operate under the Assist framework. The role of this will be predominantly co-ordination, communication and some physical assistance.

If you have Facebook I would encourage you to view the post on the Vine's Facebook page or the Community page for the villages.   
The aim of the group is to provide a safety net for those self isolating who can not rely on friends, neighbours  or family.  

To facilitate this there is facebook group to help with co-ordination and communication.

The first activity is a leaflet drop if you are able to volunteer for this or more please contact us.

As a church leadership team we love you, are praying for you and we know that God is with us all.  Can I encourage you all to join the online sessions we are hosting.
Jenny & Darren

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