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the vine logo onlyThe Vine Community Church serves the villages of Cherry Willingham, Reepham, Fiskerton and the surrounding areas of Lincoln and Lincolnshire.  The Vine Community Church is a registered CIO number 1158738 

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  • Third Thursday Book Club

    Third Thursday Book Club

    For women who love to read a good book, and talk about it with friends! It’s on the third Thursday of each month in homely comfort. Read More
  • Souled Out

    Souled Out

    Pizza, Games Life and Faith Run by the Vine Community Church and aimed at teenagers Souled Out, a safe and fun atmosphere to Eat Pizza and explore life. Read More
  • That Saturday Thing

    That Saturday Thing

    A Twice Monthly event for Primary Age Children from 5 years. Fun, Games & activities 2-3pm 1st and third Saturday of the month at the Vine Centre Cherry Willingham . All volunteers and staff hold current DBS certificates. Read More
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Vine Life

A collection of the latest news and articles from The Vine

  • Drive with direction.

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    As well as working for the Vine, I work four days a week in the education software sector. I tend to spend my time working from London, Bedford, Nottingham and my favourite location home.  The routes to these offices are very familiar, so much so, I could probably travel them with my eyes closed.  

    I was driving home from Bedford this week when I suddenly found myself not going along the A1 but rather going off it. I was happily drifting left, over the dotted white line towards the side of the road and off onto a slip road taking me somewhere I did not want to go. I realised that I was taking the wrong road, signalled and steered back onto the road. 

    I wasn’t distracted, I wasn’t asleep. So, why did this happen?

    It was simple I just followed the road. My driving was not intentional, I simply followed the road, which at that point had turned into an exit to another road.  I blindly followed the car in front of me not considering it was taking me somewhere I had not intended going.  It is so easy to do that when you are driving. Especially when you are on a very familiar stretch of road and when you have been on that road for a considerable time. 

    Life is pretty similar - it is so easy to stay on the same old track or follow the people around you; not considering that the destination you are heading for is not the one that you really wanted to go to. 

    When you drive a car, you have two ways to do it. You follow along or you drive with intentional direction. The same is true in life. You either follow those around you and the inevitable path of life or you make the decision to live intentionally, to take charge and define your future.  

    Jesus was all for people deciding to live intentionally rather than simply carrying on as normal or following the crowd. A number of times in the Gospels people asked Him, how do I live better?  Jesus’ response was often for them to address the blindingly obvious issue in their lives; that they already knew they should address. Jesus’ challenge to the dishonest tax man, in Luke’s Gospel was for him to deal honestly and restore what he had stolen.

    January is a time that people often set themselves new goals in the form of New Year’s resolutions. By this point in February they are often abandoned and long forgotten.  Maybe, now is a good time to reflect on whether we have intentionally put aside the plans we made on New Year’s eve or have we just started to follow the familiar road that is life, and have unintentionally found ourselves travelling to somewhere in life we did not plan to go? 

    For me I only have one New Year’s resolution: to be intentional about what I choose to do in 2020 rather than doing the same old things. And so far, I am sticking to it (most of the time) I wonder what new destinations it will take me to. If you fancy coming along to the Vine to find out feel free you would be most welcome.

  • Pray 2020

    Pray 2020 Logo smJoin us at our monthly prayer evenings through out 2020

    Seeking God's Kingdom growth for this area and beyond

    We believe that prayer makes a difference, it is effective and is essential to knowing God. 

    Pray 2020 - Prayer nights will take place on the last Wednesday of the month at the Vine Centre

    A time of worship and prayer startng at 7:30pm for Coffee and concluding at 8:30pm

    All are welcome.



Our Partners

  • Revive Network

    Revive Network

    The Revive Network is a movement of churches and leaders dedicated to building and planting growing, powerful, presence-filled 21st century churches. Read More
  • Evangelical Alliance

    Evangelical Alliance

    We are a member of the Evangelical Alliance, the largest body serving evangelical Christians in the UK: working for a united Church, confident in voice and inspired for mission, www.eauk.org. We subscribe to the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith. Read More
  • Ground Level Network

    Ground Level Network

    The Vine Community Church is a church in the Ground Level network of churches, Ground Level network belongs to Churches Together in the UK. Read More
  • OpenDoors


    As part of the body of Christ, it is our privilege to stand alongside our courageous brothers and sisters who are persecuted around the world. That means letting them know they’re not forgotten. Strengthening them by our prayers and support. Read More
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